I’ve been called many things in my 24 years, but one label I never thought I’d wear was “Gym Junkie”. As someone blessed with all the natural coordination and sporting ability of a baby elephant, I’ve never really thought physical activity was my forte. In fact, I’m pretty sure if anybody was going to get four eyes from an overexposure to what’s on the box, it was going to be me.

But then one day I sat down to watch Jamie Oliver, but instead of cutting up a chicken and serving it with cream, the top chef cut open an overweight person and showed his insides in all their fat-filled glory… Butter never looked so damn unappetising. It was a real-life ah-ha moment. And after that, I became one of those crazy early morning exercisers who run and climb stairs and (oh, dear god) even do push-ups.

It was a trial going from the couch to the treadmill, but I got there. And I lost a cool 10kg on the way. So now I've started this nifty blog to combine my interest in all things fitness and health with my long-time love of movies and TV. Thanks for joining me!

Alice Harrington.