Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's All In The Mind.

Happy Deliveries

It seems like every time I do RPM there comes a point in the class (normally around the 42-minute mark, when the final climbing track has just kicked into gear) when I think I simply can't go any faster or put up the dial even a centimetre further...

I once mentioned this to an instructor, looking for a bit of sympathy. She just shrugged and told me, "Just get your brain to tell your legs to move." That simple, eh?

My Favourite New Lunch-From-Home Idea.

Now I just have to work on my plating-up skills...

I'm always looking for new things to pack in my cooler bag and take to work for lunch. Things that won't tempt me into side-lining my home-made option in favour of a more tasty cafe-made one.

My latest culinary brainchild involves a packet of 90-second microwavable brown rice, plenty of frozen veggies (I like the carrot, corn, peas and beans mix, but you can use whatever takes your fancy), and a tin of flavoured tuna. Heat it all up and mix it together in a bowl and hey, presto! It's a delicious, filling and healthy lunch in under five minutes flat.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Step It Up.

Heywood Industries

Sadly, I was unable to watch to The Biggest Loser on Friday night, due to my being busy at Max Brenner consuming a double chocolate brownie covered in milk chocolate sauce and all... So I was a wee bit concerned when I got a text from a friend that read: “Are you watching BL? We’ve definitely got to try this!”

Last time I trained with a friend who got her workout ideas from The Biggest Loser, I couldn’t move my arms for weeks. But this time it was the 6,000-stair challenge that had my gym buddy all inspired and as I fancy myself a bit of a master at the ole stair climb, I was up for it.

A trainer at my gym told me he takes his clients down to the Opera House to run the stairs there. Five sets of the "shorter" stairs (I counted 45, so they're really not that short) and then eight sets of the longer stairs (75 in total to get to the top). Combined with a 20-minute run just to get to the stairs, it makes for a pretty solid workout. Total time: 45 minutes. Total calories burned: 497.

I’ve Already Eaten Four Of These…

Eggs, eggs everywhere!

 Oh dear. It’s that time of year again… That glorious, chocolate-filled time of the year when all you can think about is little egg-shaped balls of deliciousness and all dietary cautiousness flies out the window. That time of the year otherwise known as Easter.

Except that it’s not quite Easter yet. Not quite for another two months. But the eggs? Well, they’re everywhere. Thanks, Woolworths. I’ve already consumed well over my yearly quota of Cadbury Creme Eggs and it’s only February.

And at 718kJ an egg, I’m really not looking forward to seeing the results on my waistline come April.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“Are You Joining The Army?”

I'm no Private Benjamin.

That was the response I got from my colleague when I announced that I was going to try a little class at Fitness First called Basic Training. The army? Sheesh! I don’t do body rolls and snaking along the ground, you know. I’m like... a lady.

The class outline describes it as "a circuit-style class using simple, but high-intensity moves". High-intensity is one way of putting it... Horribly painful might be a more accurate description. After 60 minutes of sprints, push-ups, jumps, lunges and about a litre of sweat, I was well and truly ready to pack it in and never come back.

But after I'd towelled down, the fierce instructor had stopped screaming and I was on my way home to eat a bowl of spag bol completely guilt-free, it actually didn't seem half as bad. So I might try it again after all. I'm sure my muscles will only hurt for a few days... right?

Love Circuit Training? Get This App.

Boxing Timer

It's called Boxing Timer. My trainer uses it to time his circuits and I recently downloaded it, too. It works like a charm! You decide how long you want your rounds to be, if you want a rest in between and when you want a warning buzzer. And it's loud enough that you'll never miss the beep, even if you've got your tunes playing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Need Some Motivation?

Alexandra Ferguson

Try waking up on this pillow. You'll never forget where it is that you're supposed to be...

It’s Valentine’s Day. Yay.

Neato Shop

As I won’t be getting any heart-shaped candy from an actual Valentine this year, I’ve decided to show my body some love and get my heart racing in a spin class. It might not be everyone’s idea of a good time but it sure beats watching The Notebook by myself with a packet of Tim Tams and a box of tissues, wallowing in my own self pity (and adding countless calories to my weekly intake). Plus, the spin instructor is a man, so when you think about it, it’s kind of like a date. Kind of.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Heart Michelle Bridges.

On the bookshelf...

For a few reasons. Here are just five…

1. Girlfriend has a rockin’ bod. Seriously, if I looked that good in workout gear, I would wear leggings and a crop top everywhere. Shopping, gardening, to the movies… Everywhere.

2. She tells it like it is. No bull-twang. Seriously, her favourite slogan is “Just F***ing Do It”. Says it all, really.

3. She’s on The Biggest Loser. Otherwise known as The Best Show Ever.

4. She’s also something of a master chef. And bonus: All her recipes are healthy. And cheap. And easy. And really fast to make. Oven-baked bream with garlic spinach, anyone?

5. She really knows her stuff. But even better, she knows how to put it in layman’s terms so anyone can understand. Even me. I’m loving her brand spanking new book Losing The Last 5 Kilos. Best twenty bucks I spent this weekend.